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Dimensiones de los Troncos

Log range

Laminated logs are made from the best construction material in nature.

High quality is guaranteed
Laminated logs can be made in many sizes. The dimensions of massive mansion-style Kartano logs are 180 x 260, 202 x 260, 240 x 260 or 270x260 mm. These logs need no additional insulation even when used in a home which is built to withstand the harsh Finnish climate.

The dimensions of other laminated logs range from 88 x 180 to 164 x 260mm. Local building regulations determine whether or not additional insulation is needed. In Finland we use wood fibre for insulation. This preserves the ‘breathing’ properties of walls. Insulation is placed on the inside of the wall, and the surface is finished with log panels which serve to retain an original log-house ambience. Wooden surfaces, which can be painted, wallpapered or covered with tiles, offer alternative decoration possibilities.

Log houses combine atmosphere, present day and tradition
We are confident that in our broad range of logs you will find just the right log size to meet your construction requirements and preferences.

Only the Finnish high-quality pines and spruces are accepted as raw materials for our laminated logs, since the Finnish climate and soil provide forests with the best growing conditions. Due to favourable climate the summer and winter growth are in mutual balance. By this the structure of wood becomes especially durable and thereby most suitable for construction.

Finnlamelli's laminated log houses can be built either with additional insulation or out of solid massive logs. There are two methods for building with solid massive logs: all walls formed of a single solid layer of logs, or by combining a stronger external wall with a thinner internal wall. Both options represent a genuine log construction tradition.

You can select either the spruce, the pearl of the forests or the traditional pine, the red-glowing beauty, as the material of your house. Both species of wood are excellent for building laminated log houses.